[WAYW] Marvel NOW! Young Avengers — Miss America & Kid Loki

What’s that? Your beloved ladies have teamed up for a fashion shoot in honour of Young Avengers being relaunched this week? Indeed we have! What you’re seeing is actually the result of separate photoshoots on our respective sides of the border, but the intent was there nonetheless.

This is actually the start of a miniseries we’ll be doing over the next few weeks — Marvel NOW! is launching some books that we’re pretty darn psyched about, so we thought we’d honour their releases with outfits inspired by members of the team. As always, you’ll see our personal touches, i.e. Bria is a totally classy dame and Lin is just going to be this douchebag trainwreck. Enjoy.

This Week: Young Avengers by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie!


wayw_lin_america_02 wayw_bria_loki_01
Lin — Miss America
Red Blazer: Vivienne Westwood Inspo DIY
Star Tee; Star Beanie; Sunglasses: Yesstyle
Hoodie: Lip Service
Black Zip Miniskirt: BCBG
Super Rad Kicks: Converse x Comme des garcons PLAY
Star Earrings: Forever 21
Bria — Kid Loki
Green Sweater: DKNY
Black Shirt: Top Shop
Gold bracelets: H&M
Black Lace Pencil Skirt: BCBG
Boots: Cole Haan
Belt: DKNY
Snake Ring: The Brass Dragon


wayw_lin_america_01MISS AMERICA

Lin: Everybody has an elemental weakness to Jamie McKelvie designs. Urban savvy brow-quirked assholes are a fashion template close to my stupid dumb heart, so here’s to checking off the box next to ‘America Chavez’ and her super rad kicks. While her redesign is pretty much the current gold standard in street utilitarian, I’m on this fancy hoodie + blazer twist with a headfake toward her creative team’s British roots.

wayw_lin_america_03 wayw_lin_america_04




wayw_bria_loki_02Bria: I started by grabbing more or less all of the gold jewelry I own.  I think only an extra pair of earrings and a headband were put back.  Obviously I wanted to stick to his green/black/gold colour palette because, y’know, visual cues.  My other goal was to use layers while simultaneously keeping things sleek and chic.  With bonus ridiculous faces because how could I do a Loki outfit without the L-pose or asking Thor why the people I’m contacting via my Phone Of I are calling me a troll.

wayw_bria_loki_04 wayw_bria_loki_03

Coming Soon: Uncanny X-Force by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney! Also coming soon: more of our dumb faces. Don’t worry, we just got started on this magical train ride.