Cosplay Tuesday: Leah from Journey Into Mystery

Welcome to Cosplay Tuesday! Every week we feature one of our costumes and talk a little more in-depth about it. This week, we’ll be turning the spotlight on Lin’s Leah from Journey Into Mystery!

Photo by Judy Stephens

We do it because we love. I say this because Leah would never have happened without Natalie agreeing to be my precious, pocket-sized Loki — and nothing says cosplay like characters ready-made for slummin’ around with one of your favourite ladies.

Due to the Asgardian nature of our costumes, we really wanted to push it for a winter convention, and finally settled for Katsucon (February 2011). Good decision, because while I didn’t put out for an expensive velvet, I did finally decide on a mediumweight brushed cotton. As a lined jacket and full skirt, it’s not the easiest thing to wear for… say, a balmy NYCC weekend. (If you saw a Leah walking around with her skirt tucked into the waistband and her jacket slung over her arm, that would be totally super hip me.)

Construction notes? It was a jacket pattern modified to include gathered sleeves, the appropriate front+back panels, and mandarin collar. (Didn’t have time for a good fit and I totally messed up the trim, so don’t look too closely. Ha.) The skirt was just really simply draped on the stand, and is slightly gathered in back to give it a train. The hair bones are paperclay formed over a hair clip, with strands from the wig wrapped around it.

But really, it’s the wearing of this thing. I’ve never met any creators in costume from their run, and it’s a completely humbling but at the same time — my god, these folks are lovely. Our costumes were so well-received, and we’re just like, no, stop, we’re here to thank you. Got my comics signed by the wonderful Kieron Gillen, received an amazing silk-screen print from the all-too-generous Stephanie Hans, group pics with editor Lauren Sankovitch. Yep. Good times.

And at the end of the day, watch out sentimentality ahead!! hanging out with Natalie et al, being total bums. I hadn’t worn a costume this comfortable for quite some time, so being able to just chill with friends and generally being Asgardian wastes of space was totally top shelf.

Photo by Judy Stephens

Because Natalie is totally the little liar prince of my heart and also soon the other space girlfriend of my heart, check out her cosplay page! (But also because she is a super cosplayer and makes really neat geek bracelets like my Captain Marvel one, JUST SAYING.) Or if you want to check out more of Lin’s costumes, just head over to her cosplay gallery!