[INSPO] What Would The Fire Nation Wear?

We’re clearly Team Fire Nation here at White Hot Room so it was only a matter of time before we put together an inspo post for our favourite Avatar kids.  The Fire Nation has such great colours to draw inspiration from too.  Red!  Gold!  Black!  Oh wait, that’s also a list of some our favourite colours.  No wonder we’re doing this post.

Let’s start with this Strapless Ombre Bandage Dress from Herve Leger and this Sheath Dress from BCBG.  I’m betting Azula goes for the ombre and Mai goes for the colour blocked.  They’re just such sharp dresses.


Ty Lee, however, would totally go for something way more fun and a bit out of the box like this cute dress from Desigual.  Mai probably went shopping with her and convinced her that black was not a bad colour.


I could absolutely see one of the Fire Nation ladies rocking this Gold Bandage Top from Herve Leger beneath a red jacket or blazer.  (We vote blazer.)


These next two Baroque dresses from Karen Millen and River Island absolutely give off a little bit of subtle Fire Nation flare.  Azula’s royal hair ornament would go perfectly with both!


If Azula’s going to be the Fire Lord then she obviously needs a chic power suit.  It’s all about the gold, darlings.


It probably gets cold in the Fire Nation occasionally, right?  Or maybe Mai just needs a fabulous coat to keep her warm while she’s bored stiff in the Earth Kingdom colony.  The fabric invokes the embers of a dying fire.


And of course, what’s a fashion inspo post without a little couture?  Play us out, Elie Saab and Marchesa!