[WAYW] Dynamite — Jubilation Lee

Shaking your head at 90’s fashion dictates? Comic book editorials wouldn’t know a Lita if it hit them in the face while they vamp danced in da club. But we know.  Oh, we know.  As east coast ladies of best repute, we can spot a cali asian at fifty paces. Miss Jubilee, you may have landed with the X-Men in San Fran, but your fashion heart was always sooo L.A. And that’s all the inspo I need.

(Get it, girl.)

Yellow Jacket: Forever 21
Purple Galaxy Swim: Black Milk Clothing
Black Shorts: Vanessa Bruno
Rad Kicks: Converse x Comme des garcons PLAY
Accesories: Forever 21; Juicy Couture
Cats Eye Sunglasses: ASOS

Oh hey, check out that flair.