[WAYW] Nouveau Queen of Naboo

Sometimes, it’s just love at first sight with a t-shirt.  Or at least that’s what it felt like for me with the Padme Nouveau t-shirt from Her Universe.  Until ten minutes before, I had never even heard of Her Universe and yet there me and my friends were, chatting with the lovely Ashley Eckstein, and that gorgeous red shirt was just sitting there on display and calling to me.  (I swear.  It was actually saying “Briiiiaaaa! Buuuuuy meeeeee!”)  Twenty minutes later, I just had to give in and I’ve never regretted buying it.  It’s honestly one of my favourite t-shirts and getting to wear it with something besides jeans is always fun.

Plus?  I rediscovered these unworn tights at the bottom of my drawer while looking for something to help jazz up this outfit and am super glad I did.

Padme Nouveau T-Shirt: Her Universe
Cardigan: Express
Pleated Skirt: Guess
Tights: Hue
Gold Flats: Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Headband: BCBG