Cosplay Tuesday: Wasp / Janet Van Dyne

Welcome to Cosplay Tuesday! Every week we feature one of our costumes and talk a little more in-depth about it. This week, in honour of her return to the Avengers, we’ll be turning the spotlight on Lin’s Wasp aka Janet Van Dyne!

Wasp and Ant-Man | Photo: Grace Moss

How do I even begin to explain Janet Van Dyne. Flawless, hair insured, does car commercials in Japan, etc.

But really, if there was a superhero that was an insta Yes, This Is Totally Fictional Me, there would be a tiny checkmark right beside her name. All the best things about her — brightness and zeal for a life worth living large, a passionate relationship with fashion, doing what’s right and just all the same. I like to think I have a little bit of that in me, too. It’s a nice thought to live up to.

(Just as a lot her faults are mine, too. Eep.)

Before this becomes a completely teary testemonial, let’s start with… which outfit? New Mission, New Outfit. Right. Well, I was having a hard time picking — the modern black/gold one was out, because I was really aiming for a retro vibe with more than a little George Pérez inspo. I finally decided on a style with a few personlisations; mainly, the colour combi.

Because this was being made for an Avengers photoshoot, I wanted something a little more iconic — so I flipped the palette for red/yellow, which is more synonymous with classic Wasp outfits. Aaaand, there you go. Of course, not before agonising forever with Bria, who now probably knows more about the history of Wasp outfits than she could ever want.

Avengers Assemble | Photo: Judy Stephens

The construction was actually ridic easy, because I stumbled on the perfect red leotard. From there, it was as simple as modifying the neckline with a “W” and making wristlets from black spandex, and getting a pair of yellow leggings. Boots poached from Quasar; wig bought and slightly styled for ultimate retro chic; belt borrowed from Nico Minoru ver. 3.0.

Sadly, there’s no real good picture of my wings. So here’s a lame instagram progress picture!

The wings were made from 12-gauge wire, shaped and layered over with electrical tape WHICH IS THE BEST BY THE WAY; the iridescent film is actually just gift wrap plastic sheeting. My leotard has a low back, and underneath it I’m wearing a sort of bracer with two channels sewn in — the wings have two prongs that get slotted into these channels, and is held in place by the belt. It’s actually quite easy and comfortable, if a little hard to sit in!

And can I just say. The Avengers Assembling @ Dragon*Con 2012. Best time or bestest time ever. It was seriously really amazing this year, and though coming together with friends is always a joy and a blessing especially when we’re being freakin’ superheroes, this year was really something. So, as always, the highest of fives to my costuming compatriots from The Superhero Costuming Forum, and for our Captain America for making the magic happen.

Want to relive the magic? We always love re-watching the Epic Dragon*Con videos made by beatdownboogie and DistractotronChannel for that good time feeling. Or if you want to check out more of Lin’s costumes, just head over to her cosplay gallery!