Winter Is Coming… And So Is This Housekeeping Post

Hey folks!  We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are stuffed full with turkey and pie if you’re in the States or that you had a nice weekend if you’re not!  We just wanted to take a minute to talk to you guys about a couple of things.

  • Bria’s uploaded a new costume to her gallery along with the pictures from her photoshoot with Zhobot.  She’s pretty psyched about how they turned out so make sure you give it a look.  The costume is Winter Celchu based upon the artwork from the forthcoming Star Wars Expanded Universe novel ‘Scoundrels’ by Timothy Zahn.
  • Cyber Monday is tomorrow so make sure you have your mouse and typing fingers ready!  Personally, we recommend checking out Her Universe and their awesome new items.  We also suggest heading over to Black Milk if you’re a fan of cool leggings.  50% off AND free shipping doesn’t happen very often.  We’ll try and tweet or update this post if we spot any other cool geeky/fashion Cyber Monday sales.
  • Also Bria would like to direct those of you who like digital comics over to Fantom Comics’s Comixology Digital Store Front.  They currently have a lot of issues on sale for 50% off and will even have issues on sale for 80% off on Monday.  It’s no different that using Comixology except that the store gets a share of the profits and, well, that store was Bria’s LCS and place for employment during university so she appreciates it when people give them their patronage.
  • Our ‘Every Day is Wednesday’ section is feeling kind of empty and we’re trying to think of more ways to fill it.  What do you guys think?  Pick of the Week?  Retrospective looks at comic arcs or series?  More looks forward at comic series we’re eagerly anticipating?  Impassioned defenses of our favourite characters that everyone else hates?
  • As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve added a link roll on the left hand side of the page.  We’ve linked to a few of the places that we love so make sure you check them out.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you guys!  What would you like to see more of on this blog?  More Outfits?  More Inspo posts?  Let us know!  (Heck, we might even take requests for outfits.  You never know where inspiration might come from.)

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr and we’ll see you around the internet!

The Official Star War website compiled a list of Cyber Monday deals including 30% off Star Wars fabric at Jo-Ann’s Fabric Store.  Also, We Love Fine is offering 25% off all of their Star Wars merchandise with the code STARWARSCYBER25.  Thanks to Tricia over at Fangirl Cantina for the heads up about these.

Also, as of the editing of this post, the TARDIS leggings and the dress are still in stock over at Black Milk for 50% off.  We’re just saying.