Cosplay Tuesday: Captain Britain / Betsy Braddock

Welcome to Cosplay Tuesday! Every week we feature one of our costumes and talk a little more in-depth about it. This week, we’ll be turning the spotlight on Lin’s Captain Britain version of Betsy Braddock, aka Psylocke of Uncanny X-Force!

The decision to cosplay Psylocke is both relatively easy and difficult. As somebody of asian descent, it’s an automatic box checked off; but at the same time, I rebel a bit against the idea of being slotted according to my ethnic makeup. But mostly: I do not have the thighs for a swimsuit costume!!

Original flavour Psylocke was one of my favourite characters growing up, because she was so sassy and glam, and I’ve learned to love her again as she’s matured into the more serious (but still sassy!) class act she is today. One of my favourite costumes of hers was the Captain Britain variant, but I was afeared of the hair.

So, just imagine my delight when they re-introduced this costume in the Otherworld story arc of Uncanny X-Force! IT’S OKAY IF YOU GIVE AWAY YOUR SADFACE TO TREE PEOPLE, BETSY, I NOW HAVE PURPLE HAIRED BRITAIN COSTUME LEGITIMACY.

This was made for Ottawa Comic Con as a quickie costume, but was relatively easy as far as construction goes — it’s basically a two-piece outfit composed of a V-neck top with blouson sleeves (super comfy red cotton jersey I LOVE SEWING THIS!!), and legging-style pants (white and blue spandex). Purple-black wig was purchased; white boots poached from a SHIELD costume; mask is a base that’s been re-shaped and painted.

The psychic knife was made of a piece of acrylic sheeting that I cut into the desired shape, with two cutouts so I could hold it in my fist. Hot glue gun was layered over it to create dimension; red and purple stained glass paint gave it colour and further texture. I did my best to duplicate the look of her psychic blade by layering the paint along edges and crevices to simulate light effects — I like to think it looks alright.

And, not gonna lie, I really loved wearing Psylocke. It feels like a good fit. As much as I originally avoided her, the influx of pants-wearing Betsy and the understanding that she’s a badass ninja who could do with some traction from her footwear (THANK YOU KRIS AND SAM!!) has me thinking this is not a bad way to go.

… who am I kidding. I’ve recently made her sleveless catsuit from the Dark Angel saga. And besides, it gives me an excuse to holla at Fantomex cosplayers.

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