Cosplay Tuesday: Echo / Maya Lopez

We’re introducing something new today!  Starting this week, we’ll have a weekly feature called Cosplay Tuesday, where we’ll feature one of our costumes and talk about it a bit more in depth.

First up is Bria’s Echo!

I first made this costume for the Avengers vs Villains photoshoot at Dragon*Con 2011.  I fell in love with Echo (aka Maya Lopez) the very first minute she appeared on the pages of New Avengers.  Of course, she was wearing the costume and codename of Ronin back then, but that didn’t make her any less awesome.  Originally, I wanted to try and do the Ronin costume, but wasn’t comfortable trying such an ambitious project at the time.  (Don’t worry, I made it for D*C the next year!)

Some costumes are mostly sewing, others are mostly buying.  This one was a little bit of both, combined with a fair amount of luck!  I found the pants for incredibly cheap months before I started really working on the costume.  Where I really lucked out was with the top.  I breathed a very loud sigh of relief when the top popped up on the American Apparel website.

What took trial and error were the triangles and the gloves.  The triangles are 1″ equilateral triangles of white fabric sewed to the top.  I eyeballed where to put them, so sorry that there is no awesomely good tutorial here.  (I’ll admit that I made the silly mistake of originally sewing them to the wrong side of the shirt and cursing a lot as I took them out and redid them.)  The gloves aren’t really gloves and more like very loooooong strips of grey fabric that I wrapped around my hands and arms.  I originally had wanted to try and attach them to gloves somehow but struggled with how to make it work, so I went the route of several yards of fabric strips and lots of double sided body tape.  I’m actually rather satisfied with how it worked out because I felt like the boxer-style gloves felt more organic and more like something that Maya would do.

And, of course, the costume isn’t complete unless you find a friend with tiny hands to smack you in the face with white paint.

I’m planning on making some upgrades to the costume, including perhaps adding another triangle to the top, adding feathers to the gloves, and maybe letting Maya level up with the weapons.

You can check out more pictures on the actual Echo costume page here!