[INSPO] What Would Emma Frost Wear?

Fashion Week throughout the world has come and gone and left us with dozens of collections to look at with longing and wishes that our wallets held more money than they do.  Even though Avengers vs X-men ended in a less than ideal way for Emma Frost, I bet she still kept an eye on Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, London, and New York.  She might be in more than just a spot of trouble but here are a few looks from the 2013 Spring/Summer Ready to Wear Collections that just might have found their way into her closet.


A good number of the pieces from the Balenciaga 2013 S/S collection look like they just might be up Miss Frost’s alley.  In fact, I’d be shocked if she didn’t already have the top in the first image in her closet already.  The subtle X shape makes me inclined to say that the top could very well have been inspired by her.  While Emma’s fashion trademark is obviously that she wears all white, I could see her being drawn to both of the outfits on the left or even just simply taking the white top from one and the white skirt from the other.


Even Emma Frost has to cover up against the cold on occasion.  Burberry, as usual, put forth some gorgeous outerwear including both the trench coat and capelet at the top and the cape above.  The jackets from Christopher Kane and Chanel also look like they might have caught Emma’s eye.  From what I can see of the dress beneath the Christopher Kane jacket, she might have purchased it at the same time.


Although artists over the past few years have mostly drawn Emma in some variation of her costume from Astonishing X-men or a new take on the Hellfire White Queen look, artist in the past have shown that she too can be drawn to a smart pants suit especially when she’s filling her role as a teacher.  The look on left top, by Elie Saab, is either a jumpsuit or two pieces and looks like something she’d pick for the occasion while the look beside it by Oscar de la Renta might be something she’d lean towards during a parents weekend.  Both of these along with the next two looks by Carolina Herrera and Christian Dior could all be added to the part of her closet that Emma considers to be “business appropriate”.  Both obviously edge a bit on the shorter side for an office but when has something like that ever stopped her?


Obviously it’s not fashion week without some fabulous dresses and the designers certainly delivered.  From the architectural cut outs by Alexander Wang on the far left to the Christopher Kane to the Valentino to this edgy little leather number by Proenza Schouler, Emma certainly has her pick of styles.


I’ll freely admit to being in love with almost everything that Elie Saab does and that this could very well have influenced my opinion here but I could absolutely see Emma rocking a gown like this on the red carpet for a charity event.  It’s classy with just the right amount of sex appeal without being vulgar.


And of course no outfit is complete without a fabulous pair of shoes!  Check out these sandals and heels by Alexander Wang and Gucci that could very well have caught Emma’s eye.

All pictures were taken from Style.com