[INSPO] Project Runway Goes Superhero Chic

Warning!  There are absolutely spoilers in this post for the Project Runway Season 10 finale!




Project Runway finished up its tenth season on Thursday, and boy did this finale actually leave me grinning from ear to ear because my favourites tend to have really bad luck when it comes to crowning the winner.  Dmitry Sholokhov was crowned the newest Project Runway champion and wow did a fair number of his designs read superhero chic to me!  (Although I would totally love to see the show do a challenge where the designers have to make designs that are actually inspired by superhero costumes.)

Tell me that this dress doesn’t scream ‘THOR’ at you.  It’s chic, adorably asymmetrical, and that silver fabric looks fabulous.  It could have come off as looking cheap or costume-y but Dmitry totally made it work.


White leather?  Architectural designs?  Yep, these both definitely made me think that Emma Frost might be looking to put these pieces in her closet, especially the jacket.  For those who watch the show, you probably recall Dmitry’s winning look for the print challenge.  No one does cutouts like he does, especially because he manages to do them without making the design verge on tasteless.


I loved this design as well.  It read Black Widow to me, or at least it’s something that I could totally see Natasha rocking.


Although this light green colour is rather different from the usual shade associated with Polaris, this dress could definitely work for Lorna.  The metal sleeves even give off hints of her powers of magnetism.  The colour!  The neckline!  The side cutouts!  Get in my closet now please!


This final looks gives off a Black Cat vibe to me.  While the black and white colour scheme is the most obvious connection, the embellishment on the top gives the impression of a v-neckline while the blouse itself is see-through.  The layered sleeves also are reminiscent of her costume’s trademarked fur accents.

These are only a few of the designs from his winning final collection, but you can check out the rest of the collection and the other designs he made throughout the show on the official Project Runway site.