[CON] NYCC 2012.

Con reports, let’s do this thing. Lin is back from the perfection that was New York Comic Con, and here to share the little tidbits that you may have missed from her sporadic online presence over the con weekend, re: black hole that was the Javits Convention Center.

Panels attended:

A series of caplocks sans capslock:

Two unannounced Marvel lady titles; a possible third, but it’s on the fence because it’s a little risqué. And to top it off, there’s apparently some things in the works for Wasp? My baby gurrrrrl, I possibly had tears on my face. (Aside from Rick Remender currently doing that weird robot acsension thing with Janet Van Dyne, hopefully.) There’s going to be Ultron down the line, picking up probably from the things in Mighty Avengers? so WHO KNOWS, WHO KNOWS ROBOTS FOR ALL. /speculate

1. Seen at the Lego booth. Keepin’ the dream alive, yeah.
2. Clark Gregg at the Marvel TV panel.

Agent Coulson is back for the SHIELD television show, yep. Surprise-but-not-really-a-surprise appearance from Clark Gregg. What a cutie. Had feels all over his face when they presented that Agent Coulson in memoriam video.

Feels all over my freakin’ face for new Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova books. Euphoria quickly followed by apprehension, re: team. I get it, I get it. Movie tie-ins; bringing it closer to the rest of the Marvel 616. But do we really need to bench Moondragon or Mantis for Iron Man? I’ve already given up on Phyla-Vell because my heart can’t take the anyway.

Star-Lord, your helmet oh no. But trust in Steven McNiven because he’s good people.

1. Lin as Leah and Nara Rouge as Kid Loki with the amazing Stephanie Hans, artist for Journey Into Mystery.
2. Get your copy of Phonogram signed by Kieron Gillen whilst dressed as Leah? Magic obviously happens.

1. We don’t know what the term for a group of Kid Loki is, but here you go. With editor Lauren Sankovitch throwing up the gang signs.
2. So a friend and I totally vogued with Kieron Gillen at a photobooth. Assholes, Inc.