[CON] A little bit of Dragon*Con 2012.

So we ladies are back from Dragon*Con 2012, which was its usual debauched affair. Slowed down a little by con crud, we still did our best to ~bring the party to you~ Spoilers: the party is a giant alien pokemon worm. But more on that later.

To tide you over till a proper cosplay & convention report, we have a few tidbits from instagram — follow us at whitehotroom. Not game? We also use twitter and tumblr to liveblog events, so come and join us there! <3

1. Fire Nation ladies, bringin’ it.
2. The absolutely gorgeous Captain Marvel bracelet made for me by Natalie.
3. Bria’s lovely Emma Frost bracelet, also by Natalie!

A prelim snap of my Quasar / Phyla-Vell costume from Guardians of the Galaxy, courtesy of Judy of Marvel.com. Just check out my space buddies, you guys. I have got the best space buddies ever.